Sightseeing Tours: Stonehenge & Avebury

As one of the most recognizable pre-historic monuments in the world, Stonehenge will need no introduction to many visitors - what surprises many are number of related neolithic sites which accompany Stonehenge as you enter the West of England: many, such as lesser known Avebury henge, are just a short distance from Stonehenge itself but remain little known to visitors.

Whatever their intended purpose, many of these ancient sites are remarkably well preserved and well worth visiting, especially for those with an interest in the neolithic stone age history - even if you're not a history afficionado, allow yourself to enjoy the sites and transport your mind back several thousand years to appreciate the manpower and motives involved in constructing these monuments.

Celtic Horizon's Stonehenge & Avebury sightseeing tour takes in the Stonehenge (you'll need to pre-book 'set timed' tickets with English Heritage for access to the monument) and Avebury and other notable sights but can, of course, be adapted to meet your requirements: contact us for excursion plans and prices for your tour.

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Enjoy a full day Stonehenge & Avebury area tour from Bath with Celtic Horizons.

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Starting from Bath (or the Bath area) our recommended Stonehenge and Avebury tour is a full day excursion and allows you the time to visit each site (some, like the West Kennet Longbarrow require time to walk to as direct vehicle access is not possible). If you are restricted for time you can visit the 2 main sites (Stonehenge and Avebury) can be visited from (or near) Bath in half a day (or you may wish to visit them on an airport transfer tour).

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Already have an itinerary in mind? We can adapt our tour to meet your specific requirements - contact us for details and prices.

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